Which hotel has the best beach in Cancun?

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If you’re here you’re probably planning a trip to Cancun, it might be a year from now, or you might just be daydreaming about your next vacation, either way you’ve arrived at a very thorough list which will help you determine which hotel has the best beach in Cancun. I feel the need to start with a little disclaimer though, this isn’t a list of the best “beach hotels,” which are those super luxurious, fancy locations you might wish to splurge on a special occasion, rather this is a more practical list of hotels, which happen to be located in the best beaches.

That’s not to take credit from the hotels that are on here, because even if they don’t make the “best beach hotel” list like $1000 a night Hotel Nizuc surely would, they’re great and, duh, they have the best beaches in Cancun. So don’t worry, they’re pretty legit.


Hotels with the best swimming beaches in Cancun​

Up first, a list of hotels for those of you looking for calmer waters. Cancun is famous for its sprawling beaches of soft white sand and shallow waters of turquoise blue, just like it’s famous for big waves and strong currents.

If that’s not your thing, this is your list. Here you’ll find peaceful oceans, the ​best swimming beaches in Cancun.​

Reflect Cancun Resort & Spa

Why we like it: It’s all-inclusive, and we love that. Although you might want to go easy on the margs if you’re only used to top-shelf. It’s perfect for a romantic getaway, with its chill vibe, bi-level pool, beautiful beach, and spa. It’s right in the “Zona Hotelera” so easy access to best restaurants, shopping, and nightlife (although if you’re like me, you’ll fall into a relaxation coma the minute your butt hits the cabana and never leave the hotel).

Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Why we like it: without sounding like those awful fitness people who post their twice-daily workouts on Instagram… this hotel has a gym, and on a beach vacation, one appreciates the occasional 45-minute cardio sesh. Besides the gym, this beachfront hotel offers a more family-friendly vibe with babysitting services and amenities for kids. It’s also got swim-up rooms, seven restaurants, three infinity pools (one of which is adults only), a spa, and live music.

Krystal Cancun

Why we like it: It’s right on Punta Cancun and hosts a beautiful lagoon. The rooms are really nice, although since it’s undergoing renovations, you might get an older one (make sure to call and check). This hotel offers the option of “all-inclusive” or not. Lots of different dining options. It’s got a party vibe, but kids are definitely welcome.

Intercontinental Presidente Cancun

Why we like it: This hotel has my favorite beach. It’s also got two great restaurants, and pools for kids and adults. It’s in the Zona Hotelera (and this one has a gym too.) The best part of this hotel really is the beach, as one of the biggest and also least frequented in Cancun, it’s truly a gem.

Beachscape Kin Ha Villas & Suites

Why we like it: Big rooms and its very convenient grocery store. This is one of the older hotels, so it’s a bit smaller — it has one pool and offers kitchens in their suites.

All-Inclusive Resorts with Best Beach

These are the big sprawling all-inclusive hotels, on the eastern side of the coast which is home to the biggest stretches of beach. They’ve got the biggest beaches, the most restaurants, and are just overall an all-inclusive fun time!

Here’s the top 5 ​best beach in Cancun all-inclusive.

Live Aqua

Why we like it; This 5-star all-inclusive resort has pretty much everything you’d want from a beachscape vacation. With 9 restaurants, a few pools, and a full-service spa you will not be bored. Hotel areas are all super pretty, the beach is amazing, and the ocean-side service top-notch.

Hyatt Zilara Cancun

Why we like it: it’s party central. This all-inclusive hotel is adults only (18+) and really stands for its amazing service! It’s not huge like some others on this list, but it’s a good size to avoid crowding and a variety of options. Plus, all rooms have waterfront views.

Melody Maker

Why we like it: It’s pet friendly! You can bring your pup to enjoy the beach with you. It’s also home to a beach club that hosts DJ sessions while you lounge in one of the cabanas (although hotel guests do have to pay a cover-fee on weekends). It’s not really family-friendly, although it isn’t adults-only, there aren’t many things to do besides eat and drink by the pool or the beach.

Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

Why we like it: the hard rock hotel is fun. It’s all-inclusive, with impressive installations that follow the rock/pop music theme the brand is known for. The entertainment is better than most others, with wonderful performances by talented artists. Also, it has more than one swim-up bar, the food is on point, and the beach endless. It’s divided by sections, which you can choose depending on what you’re looking for when you book your room — family, adults-only party (think Spring Break), or adults-only relaxation.

Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa

Why we like it: With 1,183 rooms this super big hotel has something for every kind of vacation goer. It’s got beautiful rooms, a perfect relaxed beach and it’s in Puerto Morelos, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s divided by 4 buildings with different services, whether you want a kid-free stay or family vacay — the sheer size and separations make both possible.

So that’s the end of this list with the all-inclusive hotels by the best beaches. Although Cancun offers plenty more! Check out this article for the complete list of our favorite all-inclusive hotels.

Now let’s take a drive further away from Cancun hotels and up north towards the top of Punta Cancun and land in the northern peninsula named Playa Mujeres.

Hotels Playa Mujeres with a less busy beach

Next up on the list hotels Playa Mujeres, these are all new and have really put the northern beaches on the map. The trend here has been exclusivity and luxe, so they’re a bit more $$$ than the ones mentioned above, but worth it if you are looking to sleep, eat, tan, beach and repeat.

Finest Playa Mujeres

Why we like it: This gorgeous hotel has 10 swimming pools! It’s also got a gym, and not just any old room with a few exercise machines — it’s really got a “state of the art fitness facility.” This hotel is so good, guests have formed a community! Yep, they’ve got a Facebook Group where they plan repeat stays to meet up. It’s got adult-only and family-friendly areas, amazing dining options, lots of bars, and tons of activities. It’s also got plenty of relaxation areas if you just want to keep to yourself, rest, and soak up the sun.

Atelier Playa Mujeres

Why we like it: it has an 18-hole beautiful golf course! This hotel is for ages 16 and up, with a little less than 500 rooms it’s a great size. The newness really shines in Atelier, with gorgeous rooms and modern, yet tropical architecture. Everything here is quality, from the excellent mixology with top-shelf liquor, to the plethora of dining options.

Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa

Why we like it: it combines luxury with family, offering a relaxed and quality stay. With a few different bars (19 of them!), international restaurants, and buffets you’ll be eating and lounging all day long. Every room has a balcony and the spa is amazing (although it costs extra.)

So which hotel has the best beach in Cancun?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. The first 5 on the list are all on the calmer beaches where you won’t have to worry about big waves or strong currents. The all-inclusive hotels are full of fun, activities, food… And the ones in Playa Mujeres are outstanding in their service and quality — really earning that luxe reputation.

So, which hotel has the best beach in Cancun depends on what type of vacation you’re aiming for, all of the beaches on this list are a little slice of paradise. It’s up to you to decide what tropical getaway is your favorite.

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