I am Orlanda, The person behind this whole concept. I make part of the first-generation of babies born and raised in Cancun back in 1989 when there were no hospitals. To make me an even more local cliche, I belong to a family involved in the hospitality industry.


My favorite teen activities were running on the eastern beaches while hotels were being built, going to night clubs, taking wave runners rides in the lagoon, and exchanging tanning tips with friends. All while working in hotels on summers in areas such as front desk, timeshare, hotel sales & marketing. I’ve been involved in hospitality since I was three and befriending tourists since I was five, especially if they were cute.

"an unsettled spirit with a marketing major"

Like other nomads, I love to explore and travel around until I settled in San Francisco, California, with my boyfriend and cat. Here I combined my two passions, and hospitality while working with HotelTonight was about hotel revenue management and strategy from hoteliers in hot cities such as Miami and Mexican beaches. Here I honed my strategic and account management skills while satisfying my need for constant travel. And have been enjoying this Cali life. Now I am working remotely from SF with hotels in Cancun.

Like a siren called to the ocean, I take every opportunity to go back to visit family and friends. About 80% of my family currently lives in Cancun and is continuously growing. My situation makes me a hybrid between a visitor and a local, so I know the ropes, and I am still exploring the new.

why the cancunian?

From the sleepy little town to today’s booming destination, I’ve seen this region grow and turn from a paradise to a tourist trap by constant capitalism hustle. Back when they set the first Starbucks in the fifth avenue, Playa del Carmen; will always remember that it was the first downfall of the street. Like many cancunians, I have a nostalgic feeling from the destination’s early days and appreciate what they are today.

When friends visit me, I make sure to take them to the most original activities and show them the good stuff. If I am not with them, I have lists upon list prepared for them on things they should do, so I thought, why not share this with new friends? And here we both are. I aim to be an advocate of the local culture, open communication for those who offer visitors an authentic experience. To bring back the sleepy paradise we know it is, let me and other fellow Cancunians be your guide in your exploring.

If we manage to enrich your trip with one or two organic experiences, it will make it all worth it to me.