Cancun Airport Transportation

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The Cancun International Airport is Mexico’s second commercial flight airfield due to its geographic locations that enable multiple points of connection and because of the popularity of the destination itself. Airport transfers in Cancun are jealously protected by ASUR, Mexico’s leading airports in the south. ASUR requires all transportation operators to meet their safety regulations to provide transportation services from the Cancun Airport. Only companies authorized by ASUR can offer their transfer services. This ensures our guest’s safe transportation to their final destination.

TLTR; Only authorized transfer services can take you from the airport to the hotel, making this the safest transportation for our visitors. The best way is to get a shuttle is by booking online. If you are looking for service, go for CARM Transfers, if it is the price, go for Happy Shuttle, or a taxi service. Taxis are slightly lower in price and easier than ADO Buses. And beware of Pirates outside the airport. The same services apply for transportation to Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya.

Let me help you decide the best service for your trip. And, mi casa es tu casa so welcome home!


Which is the best shuttle service in Cancun and how to book it? It is a common question I get from friends visiting when I am not there. There are 70 authorized shuttle services in Cancun.\

Pro Tip: Book your shuttle service online in advance so you can relax but also so that you can get better prices. If you didn’t don’t worry, you can still do so at the airport with Super Shuttle.

Here are the top Cancun shuttle services, their rates are of a similar range:\


The top-rated service on Trip Advisor is an American ex-pats family business founded by Tina. They prioritize customer service and they make it easy to communicate in English. Comparing their rates with the other companies below, it is more expensive by a $10 difference. I speculate that it has to do with their company size. However, in my research, I found that it is very straightforward on the rates and other subjects on their website making it trustworthy. Worth considering it.


This is one of the largest and most important transportation services in the building. They mention to be the only official transportation service in but this is because they own that website. This is a great service for larger groups since they have a variety of vehicles. Prices increase according to their passengers capacity:
– Shared Shuttle
– TaxiRIDE – 3 passengers
– PrivateX – 7 passengers
– Private GL – 10 passengers
– Private VIP – 5 passengers


You can find the super shuttle stand right outside customs. They are very friendly and with great reviews, it is also a recognizable international brand. This is your best option if you didn’t have the chance to book online.


Unsure of the reason behind the name but it could be because you can add USD 2 beers in your ride? Regardless, in their branding, they claim to be the cheapest shuttle service without compromising the service quality. It has been tested and confirmed by yours truly that this is the best service for your buck. They offer shared and private transfers.


I place them together because they are very similar. Both of them offer only private transfer to final destinations which is great for the Time of COVID. They also manage the same rates and good customer service.


These videos perfectly illustrate how to find your shuttle service. (Word of caution, watch them on low volume. This airport is a wild place)

Terminal 2

Terminal 3


I am certain you are wondering about Ubers in Cancun which we currently do not have and I can tell you all about it here.

Cancun airport has taxis that you can request upon arrival. Outside taxi services are not allowed to pick you up but they can bring you to the airport. Taxis are a slightly lower price than a shuttle and you will only be offered the authorized drivers for your destination.

You will find the taxi booth after you go through customs. Make sure to ask them about the price beforehand. It should ideally not be more than USD 30 one way. If it is more, rather take a private shuttle from above.

To know more about Cancun Taxi and getting around in the city you can read it in the Cancun Taxis article.

ADO Bus from Cancun Airport

ADO is the official Mexican bus company with more than 200 destinations in the country. AKA is super trustworthy. Two ADO bus routes leave from the Cancun Airport one to Cancun Downtown and the second to Playa del Carmen that leave every 30 to 45 minutes from 8 am until midnight. If you have other destinations you can do this by connecting either downtown or in Playa del Carmen. You can buy tickets online or in their booths inside the terminal.

Cancun Airport to Cancun ADO bus central

This will take you to the bus central at the main downtown street called Av Tulum and Av Uxmal. This is a great option if you are thinking to connect somewhere else in the Yucatan Peninsula. If your hotel or Airbnb is downtown and you are considering this as an option, could I recommend taking another transportation instead? There are many Pirate taxis around the station waiting to take advantage of you. If you insist on this, make sure you take the taxi from the right taxi point.


Playa del Carmen ADO bus central is located at the beginning of the famed 5ta Avenida. It is also next to the Cozumel ferry. From here you can take a cab to your hotel, make sure you pick it up from the designated Taxi area.


Safety Tip 1:​ There is something called Airport Pirates who are drivers waiting for you to get lost in transition. Beware, these people are non-authorized services that will try to catch you when exiting the arrival area. They will ask if you have a reservation with you and if not, they will sell their services at a higher rate. If you do have a reservation they will convince you that they can help you with transportation. They will even do a playhouse call and have someone else talk to you and explain how they can help you. They will then charge and assure you that you will be reimbursed at your final destination. Do not fall for this. If you have a reservation but couldn’t find your driver, go back inside and call them for further instructions.

COVID (Check on answer the public)

All companies are following the safety and sanitary regulations stipulated by the government. This includes:

  • Vehicles being thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each service with cleaning products.
  • All of the employees have to take courses in the prevention of Covid-19 and receive an official certification from the Mexican Government to operate Safely. This is a five-hour course with a final exam to achieve the certification.
  • Daily employee health screening with temperature checks.
  • Drivers should be wearing face masks and in occasions face shields.

If you want to learn more about COVID regulations, click here.

A word of caution is for you to make sure you are wearing your mask when entering the vehicle. Although everyone in the industry is being very cautious about it, you need to take your precautions.

Shout out to my fellow cancunian friends who work in the airport and helped me further contact people in the transportation department.

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