Beach Clubs in Cancun: The Lowdown

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Ok, so here’s the deal. I’m not a fan of the type of beach clubs in Cancun, the truth is most are pretty average (or below). They’re basically your run-of-the-mill Spring Break destination (read: lots of 18-year-old college kids taking full advantage of the legal drinking age in Mexico). Plus, we’re all still mourning the loss of the only chill beach club being closed down. I much prefer the vibes from the clubs in Isla Mujeres (the second list in this article) or Playa del Carmen (you’ll find links to those later). That being said, the Cancun beach clubs do have a particular party appeal, and they are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Cancun… so, if that’s your thing, this is your list!

​The beach club Cancun scene

Don’t get disheartened, if you’re determined to beach club your way through Cancun, there are plenty of options that I’m about to break down so you can choose the best for you.

The beach club Cancun scene has a few different elements, although here’s the central theme: the steeper the price is definitely correlated with a better experience. This isn’t the case for many things in life, but so it goes with beach clubs in Cancun. If you’re looking for other things to do, check out this article about things to do in Cancun for spring break.

Also, there’s an alternative to beach clubs, which is spending the day at an all-inclusive resort. If you were thinking more along those lines, then I’ll direct you here: best all-inclusive resorts that offer day passes in Cancun.

Still here? Ok, let’s dive in! Up next, the best beach clubs in Cancun.

Mandala Beach Club

Everyone knows this spot. It’s party central — and a bit too wild. Although ironically, it tends to be a bit empty. Despite that, it does have some pretty impressive installations, 3 pools, a jacuzzi, and all sorts of lounging areas. The music doesn’t stop, and neither do the drinks!

The Oasis Beach Club

Not known for their excellent service (it isn’t) this beach club lives in one of the older hotels in the Zona Hotelera. It’s on the more economic side, making it… you guessed it! A prime Spring Break destination for American college kids from every state. They are known for their epic pool parties and live shows.

Coco’s Beach Club Cancun

This one is my favorite. It’s basically what we’ve taken as a replacement from the one that was discontinued. It’s located in up and coming Hotel Paradisus. It’s got everything you want in a beach club, beats from the DJ, readily available drinks and eats — plus lots of places to lounge, enjoy the beach and the pool.

Royalton Rooftop

Full-disclosure it’s not a beach club, but you can go to the beach once there. It’a a rooftop pool and a great option if you’re looking to enjoy yourself by the pool with a remarkable view of the ocean.

Melody Maker Beach Club

This is an all-inclusive hotel that offers day goers access to the beach club. It’s pretty nice, the beach is beautiful, the music is good, and the service is always on point.

So, that’s our list for beach clubs in Cancun! There’s a bit of everything there, from wild Spring Break vibes from Mandala and Oasis to the chiller atmospheres like the Royalton or Melody Maker. Again, my favorite beach clubs are in Playa del Carmen, so I recommend you check out those if you have time for a day-trip here: beach clubs in Playa del Carmen that may be more to your liking.

Isla Mujeres Beach Clubs​

Next up: a better list. If I spontaneously feel like hitting a beach club, this is where I usually go. Isla Mujeres Beach Clubs​ are just a 15-minute ferry ride away, and they’re on a different level. It’s really easy to get there, the ferry leaves every 20 minutes right from the Zona Hotelera, and they’re fantastic! You’ve reached your exclusive and private ones, as well as the party-full-of-people clubs.

Here’s the lowdown:


This place is fun! It’s got a heavenly bar and an excellent restaurant, which turns into a real party as the day progresses. And then, just when you think the party is over, boom! You’re in a nightclub. This beach club offers two different vibes day/night, and you can come for the former, stay for the latter — or just show up in your night glam later.

Capitan Dulche

This beach club is secluded and private, although it’s right next to Amazonas. All you gotta do to get there is just take a taxi when you hop off the ferry. It’s perfect for enjoying all the amenities of beach clubs, while still getting some quality relaxation time in. It’s all about that luxury life, drinks on point, and is owned by Cancunians.

Zama Beach Club

This one is also super secluded and private, owned by Cancunians (and very much luxe). It’s one of my absolute favorites, I used to go a lot as a kid with my parents, while they stayed in the restaurant for the seafood, which is off the charts. I’d hang by the pool. Definitely check it out if you’re looking to relax, enjoy the views, the pool and eat the best seafood of your life.

Luxury Beach Club

Don’t be fooled by the name, as the Luxury Beach Club isn’t actually very luxurious. It doesn’t have electricity, so things like going to the bathroom… become somewhat rustic endeavors. It’s on the public beach so you’ll get to see lots of people enjoying their day and it doesn’t have much privacy. It is right next to the ferry so super convenient and the food is great.

Oceanvs beach club by Na Balam

This one is a local favorite, it belongs to Na Balam hotel. Its location is a primer in North Beach (Paya Norte), the most famous and beautiful in Isla Mujeres. This is the beach where the boats come in, and you get to watch them in the ocean. It’s a pretty great beach club, the food is good, and the price is right with non-minimum spend with, and 300 pesos for a daybed included.

Green Demon Beach Club

Right next door to Na Balam is the Green Demon Beach Club. Rumor has it, their daybeds are comfier than their next-door neighbors. You can also see the anchored boats and yachts from here. The price isn’t bad here, either with a minimum of $25 per person. You can hang out by the beach area or the bar and restaurant area a few feet away.

Top by Belo

Rooftop with a pool with an incredible beach view, does anyone need anything else? It’s also super private, although it’s not technically at the beach. It’s open from noon to 7pm on weekdays and until 8 on weekends, the perfect time for the ultimate day party. Mixology is tremendous, and the food is pretty decent too.

So there you have it. Beach clubs are a super fun way to pass the time while in the Yucatan Peninsula, whether you’re into the beach club Cancun scene or you’d instead take the ferry out to Isla Mujeres and explore some of the ways mentioned above. Remember, if you’re looking for an exclusive experience Zama and Capitan Dulche are your best bet. Amazonas turns into a nightclub, and the Luxury Beach Club isn’t so luxurious.

All beach clubs do their purpose; they’re about drinks, beaching out, and top-notch service. Some are more wild than others, some are more chill, some you interact with locals more than others. I’d say it’s worth going to one in Isla Mujeres to check off a couple of must-do’s on your list – day trip to Isla and the beach club experience.

So where should go for the beach club?​

That’s the question, isn’t it? As I’ve been saying… I wouldn’t really go to a beach club Cancun, the whole extremely crowded party environment isn’t really my thing, but lots of people enjoy it. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed a good time. They’ve all got music, food and drinks and access to the ocean!

I’ve detailed the key differences so you can easily spot those that are more chill and the ones that are super Spring Breaky. On the other hand, I highly recommend each of the ones listed in the Isla Mujeres section. They’re literally the opposite of the Cancun ones, it’s more about enjoying the beach in all its glory, without hundreds of people taking shots in your near vicinity — while still indulging in plenty of delicious food and drinks.

So, it’s up to you! Hope this list helps.

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