The concept of the Cancunian is to share the other side of Cancun and surroundings, going beyond the tourist side and experience the spirit side instead.


There are so many services and products available that often when tourists visit, those services remain unknown. The goal is for you to experience the city like locals do.


A Cancunian is part of a generation that was born and raised in Cancun. We have parents who came as pioneers that helped to build what there is today. We are the first generation to inherit a city that still has room for us to mark for future generations.


– We grew up befriending nature and its inhabitants. Spending weekends on the beach learning the ocean’s moods. We can tell you what the currents things today and where you can swim and where to stir away. We fished in turquoise lagoons and took boat rides to Isla Mujeres. We count ourselves lucky to witness the sun’s rising in the ocean’s horizon; sometimes met with the end of a good party.

– The Cancunian generation enjoys exploring different locations within the Yucatan Peninsula as it gets uncovered. We are found eating in Valladolid, swimming with whales-sharks in Holbox, climbing ruins in Coba, and splashing into cenotes we find.


At The Cancunian we offer a more genuine twist of what local businesses have to offer for people who visit the Riviera Maya. We want to present Cancun as more than the stereotype it has gained over the years and more like the special rare gem it is.​


sofia bouzid

creative director / astrology nerd

Sofia is the genius behind The Cancunian’s design and branding. It is joyful working with her due to her attention to detail, love for art, aesthetics, and her in-depth knowledge of the Mayan culture and astrology. Here she shares her thought process on the branding design, the hidden gems you can’t live without during your visit, and her astrological experiences.

Ivanha Paz


Ivanha is a content marketer living the dream of working from beautiful beaches and her hometown Merida, Yucatan. She spends her time in the world of SaaS B2B and takes a little break now and again to write about the fascinating places in Quintana Roo and Yucatan. When she’s not writing, you can catch her taking pictures of her pets, posting TikToks on LinkedIn, and eating lots of shrimp.


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