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If you are reading this, then you might be intrigued about the concept behind The Cancunian, so thank you for joining us! First things first, let me introduce myself; my name is Sofia Bouzid, the creative behind The Cancunian’s design and branding. I’m a Fashion Merchandiser with a concentration in branding and a passion for storytelling through creative ideas. As a rare percentage, I was born and raised in Cancun and got to experience first-hand the evolution and hard work put into the making for one of the most famous destinations in the world, which is why this project means so much to me. Throughout my creative process of designing and building the website, my main concern was giving justice to this magical place I get to call home. The whole concept was to give meaning to each vital aspect of the region and, most importantly, roots baby; The Mayas.

Logo Inspiration

A little background, the ancient Mayans used to write in symbols and created their own system of hieroglyphics and numbers. They wrote the number 0 as this shell-shaped symbol that resembles an eye. The Cancunian’s logo depicts my interpretation of the Mayan zero symbol portraying a sun horizon above, giving meaning to The Cancunian’s idea of being a dreamer who is always looking forward to sunrises and sunsets in the same as the Mayans, who were in sync with nature. 

The sun is an essential  element and symbol in the Mayan civilizations. The sun god’s name is Kinich Ahau, and is one of the most powerful gods in Maya culture, he shines in the sky all day, mostly when the sun is directly above, and he becomes a jaguar right after the sun sets. 

You may ask yourself why the number zero? The number zero in numerology represents infinite possibility and is all about inclusiveness. It is the beginning and the end; it is, often, seen as the symbol of Spirit or God with a sense of unity and wholeness. Zero is a circle that represents a cycle and the circle of life; which encompasses what we want to transmit while you experience the Yucatan Peninsula through The Cancunian.


I used my passion for storytelling when designing the color palette that you see throughout the website. I linked each of the colors to important elements that make Cancun special.

The primary color is Sunset purple because there is a specific moment at dusk that the sky turns to a tone between the fierce color of the sunset and the darkness of the night; the sky becomes this incredible hue of purple that dazzles you instantly.  This vibrant sky is no stranger to Cancun and is the star of every evening; therefore, we decided to choose this color as the main logo color. It is a rare color in nature, and as, a result it is often portrayed with a sacred meaning. It is associated with spirituality, passion, the third eye, and a higher self. The color purple promotes high lifted spirits and has calming effects on the mind and nerves while encouraging creativity.

LAGUNA: A significant  part of Cancun is a man-made filling in the laguna Nichupte, which is about 7500 acres of mangroves and seven lagoons that connect to the Carribbean sea. It is one of the largest lagoons and has one of the highest rates of crocodiles in Mexico. Even Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Hunter” made a trip to Cancun to explore it. 

SUNSET: As a cancunian, one of the things that still amazes me today is the sunset that each day brings. I am fascinated by sunsets, and something that makes them extra special is that every day we get a one with a different and unique  set of colors. So I chose a warm tone to reference the warmth and fire that we get to see through the Laguna Nichupte’s horizon.

SAND: Did you know that one of the strangest facts about Cancun is that the sand won’t burn your feet? It is composed of crushed coral, and it will feel somewhat cool despite the hot weather. Many visitors enjoy this detail and find themselves strolling for hours along the beach.

COTTON CANDY SKY: The sunsets are a great part of Cancun’s personality, but a sunset also has soft colors aside from the bold ones. The cotton candy sky references the tone that reflects the sunset to the sea and mirrors itself in the clouds in a soft pastel tone.

OCEAN:Cancun’s main star is the ocean with its amazing hues of blue; these crystalized waters attract hundreds of visitors throughout the year and is marked as one of the highlights they enjoy most in their trip.

So yes, that’s a bit of background on how I came to choose and design the concept of The Cancunian’s branding. If you are still reading this, you must be rewarded; Welcome to the fun part of The Cancunian, my scavenger hunt! Throughout the page, you will see The Cancunian’s logo in several icon variations; make sure to click all of them, they may or may not take you to a secret page with the hidden gems of the area. Enjoy!

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