6 Beach Clubs in Playa del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen’s vibe can be summarized in one word: cool. Seriously, it’s just a cool place. I love it. It’s about an hour away from Cancun, and it’s a destination spot in its own right. Definitely worth the day trip if you’re staying in Cancun or its whereabouts. The beach clubs in Playa del Carmen are high in my list of favorites. They haven’t been wholly forsaken to Spring Breakers, they tend to be more upscale and just generally cozier.

Even if you are staying on the beach, one of the best things to do in Playa del Carmen is definitely going to a beach club. Many hotels don’t actually have a beach, so it’s an excellent way to get the beach hotel experience. Beach clubs are a way to be completely carefree, with all the amenities you need, and excellent beachside service as you party (or relax) in a daybed or palapa.

Playa del Carmen is like a smaller Cancun or Tulum on steroids. But, not really. It has a unique personality mixing the beach with shopping and dining (and all-inclusive resorts.) So there’s plenty to do, although this article details what the best beach clubs in the area are; if you’re looking for other ideas on how to spend your time in Playa, check out this article with lots of things to do in Playa del Carmen.

But in this one, we’ll stick to the best beach clubs and their varying characteristics so you can pick your spot wisely.

INTI Beach

OK, so this beach club has one of my favorite things on the planet. A bar at the beach! Beach bars in Playa del Carmen are the best. It’s like you’re chilling, but also partying, and getting your tan on. It’s honestly a great place for families or bachelorette parties because you know, get you a beach club that can do both. Service is excellent, the beach is beautiful and (this is a biggie) the beer is always cold! It’s a bit more private than other beach clubs, it’s also smaller. It’s a cool rustic setting on a terrace-like structure, tables, hanging chairs, and access to the beach.

Mamita’s Beach Club

Oh, Mamita’s… the memories. This used to be a huge party place. It was the spot to go show off and get a little crazy. It’s changed a lot since then, with new ones cropping up in its place. But, it’s still great, just a different vibe. It’s turned into a more relaxed setting, great for families looking to spend some quality time at the beach along with good food and drinks. It’s also to this day, one of the prettiest on this list.

Coralina Daylight Club

Get ready to drop some $$$ because this beach club is pricey — maybe the most expensive in all of Quintana Roo. But, oh, it’s worth it. It’s like being in Vegas, but better, because you’re in Playa. It’s in the Grand Hyatt, but it’s a separate entity with a different entrance. It’s the ultimate Day Party, or as I’ve heard, younger people say “darty,” but make it classy. Coralina is all about living it up in the sun to the beat of dance music. So put on a chic bathing suit and oversized sunglasses, order yourself a skinny margarita, and lounge by the pool all day long. You can also lounge by the beach or in any areas the club offers like the restaurant, private tents, or beach beds.

Indigo beach club

Cool, super chill, low music. Indigo is all about relaxation. Plus, if you’re into fishing, their restaurant will cook your catch. If you’re an early bird, I’ve heard they have a fantastic breakfast. As far as the beach club itself, it’s beautiful. The beach is gorgeous, comfortable palapas, great drinks, and decent service.

Kool Beach Club

Perfect for families, super kid-friendly. It’s got a cool design with a beautiful long pool and the beach area with tables and lounge chairs, right in front of the pool, which makes for spectacular views. It’s got a little bit of everything for everyone. Drinks, massages, pool, ocean… It’s fairly quiet, and the food is great! Excellent spot for group trips or events.

Martina Beach Club

This beach club has a prime location, in the newest part of La Quinta Avenida (Playa’s Fifth Avenue). It’s definitely more private than Mamitas or Kool, although Mamitas is still prettier. Martina is super down to earth, where the main feature is the actual beach — not the semi indoor restaurant area. It’s a more informal vibe with your typical burgers and fries type of fare (but super yummy!). Cold beers, fresh drinks, and good music.

If you’re only going for one day and your purpose is to go to a beach club, Coralina is a no brainer. If you were thinking more along the lines of relaxing by the beach, then I recommend Indigo. Lastly… if you want the authentic Playa del Carmen experience, you can’t skip Mamitas. Wherever you go, you’ll be OK. If you’re after a beautiful beach and a lovely time, the beaches in Playa del Carmen will not disappoint.

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